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Famous Opals

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"Aurora Australis"

 The "Aurora Australis" was found in 1938 at Lightning Ridge and is considered the world's most valuable black opal.

Aurora Australis Opal
(information courtesy of Altmann & Cherny)

 The oval, cut and polished stone has a harlequin pattern with dominant red, green and blue colors against a black background.

 It weighs 180 carats and it measures 3 inches by 1.8 inches. The rarity of the opal comes from its size and strong, vibrant colour play.

 Dug from an old sea-bed it has the distinctive impression of a star fish on its back. It was valued at AUD$1,000,000 in 2005. 

 The Aurora Australis is the first large, fine Australian opal mentioned in literature. Charlie Dunstan had found another large opal previously, but its blue-green colour play was not considered valuable at the time although the stone weighed about 12 ounces (close to 1860 carats).

 At a depth of approximately six metres, Charlie Dunstan found the brilliant gem. This treasure was rumored to have brought Dunstan 100 pounds.

  Altmann & Cherny purchased the opal in a semi-rough state (a rub). They cut and polished the opal into its oval shape. Realising what a true gem they had, they named it “the Aurora Australis “ after the bright southern lights in the night sky. 

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