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The top 10 countries that serve the world's best tea 1 MOROCCO.2 SRI LANKA.3 INDIA.4 CHINA.5 JAPAN.6 UNITED KINGDOM.7 TURKEY.8 KENYA.

What is considered to be the best tea in the world?

White Tea

Considered by many to be the world's best tea, white tea is made from the freshest young tea leaves.

Which country is famous for tea?

The four biggest tea-producing countries today are China, India, Sri Lanka and Kenya. Together they represent 75% of world production.

Where does the best quality tea come from?

Tea is grown all over the world including the US in states like Hawaii and South Carolina, but the main tea producing countries that consistently turn out the highest quality and volume of tea are China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Taiwan.

Where is the most famous tea?

10 Most Popular Teas in the World

  • English Breakfast Tea. UNITED KINGDOM. shutterstock.
  • Darjeeling. Darjeeling District. India.
  • Pu Erh. Yunnan. China.
  • White Tea. Fujian. China.
  • Oolong. Wuyishan. China.
  • Green Tea. CHINA. shutterstock.
  • Matcha. JAPAN. shutterstock.
  • Black Tea. Fujian. China. shutterstock.

Which country loves tea the most?

China is far and away the largest consumer of tea, at 1.6 billion pounds a year.

What is the most popular tea brand in the world?

Lipton, one of the world's best-selling tea brands, is consumed in over 110 countries, while iconic brands like Brooke Bond, Bushells and PG tips refresh millions of tea-drinkers every day.

Which state is famous for tea?

The major tea-producing states in India are: Assam, West Bengal, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Sikkim, Nagaland, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, .

Which country has the best black tea?

Sri Lankan or Ceylon teas are lighter, often more floral and astringent, and make for a great cup of afternoon tea. Kenyan black teas are common in tea blends, and China makes some of the best premium black teas in the world.

Why is tea not popular in America?

Inferring from Dr Frank's presentation, American's “aversion to tea” is historically related and can be traced back to two key factors: taxes and fear. “Tea was a way of England enslaving America,” said Dr Frank, noting the tea-related taxes Britain forced on the colonies prior to the Revolutionary War.

Who is the biggest tea producer?

The graph shows the production of tea from 2006 to 2020 worldwide, broken down by major producing countries. China produced approximately 2.74 million metric tons of tea in 2020, down from about 2.8 million metric tons in 2019. India, China, Sri Lanka and Kenya were rated as the world's largest tea-exporting countries.

Which country has best coffee?

Let's take a look at the countries with the highest quality of coffee beans.

  • Colombia. Colombia is considered to be a giant in the coffee business, supplying 15% of the world's coffee.
  • Guatemala. Guatemala is a country known for its production of high-quality coffee.
  • Costa Rica.
  • The Arabian Peninsula.
  • Ethiopia.
  • Jamaica.

What tea is the rarest?

The Rarest, Most Precious Teas in the World

  • For example, there's Yellow Gold Tea Buds, a rare tea from Singapore. The leaves are hand-painted with real gold! ...
  • Another example of a rare tea is Da Hong Pao.
  • At Art of Tea, we are happy to carry a hand-picked list of rare and luxurious teas.

Is Yorkshire tea the best?

Yorkshire Gold is an award-winning tea. It has won 2 stars in the Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards known as the Food Oscars. It also was recognized as the best cup of tea in England.

Which tea is best tasting?

Fan-favorite fruity teas include Summer Romance Black Tea, Mango Pear White Tea, and Lychee Purple Tea. If you enjoy sweet and fruity flavors, these teas are a great option for beginners. Fruity teas also make great iced tea during the warmer summer months!

Which city is famous for tea?

Most of the estates are located in Upper Assam and Southern Barak Valley. Jorhat is known as the Tea Capital of the World and this small city has been the main centre of tea cultivation in the state. A visit to Assam is certainly incomplete without visiting a tea estate and adjoining factory.

Who invented tea in world?

The story of tea begins in China. According to legend, in 2737 BC, the Chinese emperor Shen Nung was sitting beneath a tree while his servant boiled drinking water, when some leaves from the tree blew into the water. Shen Nung, a renowned herbalist, decided to try the infusion that his servant had accidentally created.

Which place is known as tea garden?

Assam, situated in the northeast of India, is one of the largest tea producing regions of the world. The state of Assam is known as the tea garden of India.

What is the oldest tea company in the world?

History. Twinings was founded by Thomas Twining, of Painswick, Gloucestershire, England, who opened Britain's first known tea room, at No. 216 Strand, London, in 1706; it still operates today. The firm's logo, created in 1787, is the world's oldest in continuous use.

What is the biggest selling tea?

Most Selling Tea Brands in the World

  • TeaCurry Tea. Teacurry is a premium Indian tea company.
  • Twinings green tea. Twinings was founded by Thomas Twining, a resident of Painswick, Gloucestershire, England, way back in the year 1706.
  • Lipton tea. Lipton is a British tea brand.
  • Yogi Tea.
  • Bigelow Tea.

Do tea drinkers live longer?

They found that each one-cup increase in daily tea consumption was associated with an average 2 percent decrease in any cardiovascular event, a 4 percent decrease in death from cardiovascular disease, a 4 percent lower risk of stroke and a 1.5 percent lower risk of death from any cause.

Which countries add milk to tea?

Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia consume three cups per person per month. In Britain, when hot tea and cold milk are drunk together, the drink is simply known as tea due to the vast majority of tea being consumed in such a way.

Why is tea popular in England?

Because the British East India Company had a monopoly over the tea industry in England, tea became more popular than coffee, chocolate, and alcohol. Tea was seen as inherently British, and its consumption was encouraged by the British government because of the revenue gained from taxing tea.