CJ Hendry: The Phenomenal Hyperrealism Artist

CJ Hendry is a renowned Australian hyperrealism artist best known for her breathtaking monochromatic drawings made with pen and ink. Her works have garnered immense admiration and praise worldwide, and her unique style and technique have made her a leading figure in the contemporary art scene. In this article, we will explore the life, work, and inspiration behind this magnificent artist, as well as answer some common questions relating to her.

Who is CJ Hendry?

Chloe Jane Hendry, popularly known as CJ Hendry, was born in 1988 in Brisbane, Australia. She initially studied architecture but later discovered her passion for art. After completing her studies in architecture, Hendry moved to New York City to pursue her interest in art and honed her skills through various freelance projects.

How old is CJ Hendry?

As of 2021, CJ Hendry is 33 years old.

What Inspired CJ Hendry?

CJ Hendry is inspired by everyday objects and scenes that we often take for granted. She takes ordinary objects and meticulously brings them to life with her hyperrealistic drawings, creating a sense of grandeur and awe that is often associated with more traditional art forms. Her technique involves a keen eye for detail and a steady hand that captures even the subtlest nuances of each object she draws.

Where is CJ Hendry’s Studio?

CJ Hendry’s studio is located in Brooklyn, New York. The studio is a spacious and minimalist converted warehouse that provides an ideal environment for her work.

Is CJ Hendry Still Alive?

Yes, CJ Hendry is still alive and creating breathtaking works of art.

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CJ Hendry’s Work

CJ Hendry’s work mainly consists of monochromatic drawings made with pen and ink on paper. Her drawings are highly detailed and hyperrealistic, capturing the essence of the objects she draws in a meticulous and awe-inspiring manner. She takes inspiration from everyday objects such as sneakers, food items, and flowers and elevates them to an art form with her extraordinary talent.

Hendry’s art is a blend of both traditional and contemporary styles, incorporating her unique ideas and techniques to create works that are visually captivating and conceptually compelling. Her drawings often create a sense of mystery and intrigue, leaving the viewer in awe of her skill and creativity.

One of CJ Hendry’s most notable works is the 2018 “MONOCHROME” exhibit that was showcased in New York City. The exhibit consisted of a series of hyperrealistic drawings of monochromatic objects, including a Rolls Royce, a Hermes Birkin bag, and a McDonald’s meal, along with a stunning installation of a blackened room that provided the perfect backdrop for her work. The exhibit was an instant success and firmly established Hendry as a leading contemporary artist.

Hendry’s work continues to receive critical acclaim and admiration from art lovers worldwide. Her unique style and technique have made her an inspiration to many aspiring artists who aspire to create works that are both visually stunning and conceptually engaging.


CJ Hendry is an exceptional artist whose innovative and meticulous approach to hyperrealism has set her apart from her contemporaries. Her work captures the essence of everyday objects and elevates them to a form of art that is both visually captivating and intellectually stimulating. Her dedication to her craft and her exceptional talent are evident in each of her works, and she continues to inspire and influence artists worldwide.

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If you are an art lover or simply appreciate the beauty of hyperrealistic art, then CJ Hendry’s works are a must-see. Her unique style and technique are a testament to the power of creativity and dedication, and they serve as an inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere.