Everything You Need to Know About Dr. Lori Verderame

Dr. Lori Verderame, also known as Dr. Lori Loupe, is a world-renowned antiques appraiser, author, speaker, and media personality. She has over 20 years of experience in providing accurate information and unbiased appraisals for various antique items and collectibles. In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know about her background, products, services, and reviews, and how much she charges for her appraisal services.

Who is Dr. Lori Verderame?

Dr. Lori Verderame was born and raised in Southeastern Pennsylvania, where she developed a passion for antiques and collectibles at a young age. She obtained her undergraduate degree in art history from the University of Michigan and went on to earn her Master’s and Ph.D. in art history from Penn State University. She started her career as a professor of art history at Penn State University and later worked as a museum director before turning her passion for antiques into a full-time business.

What is Dr. Lori’s Last Name?

Dr. Lori’s last name is Verderame. She was previously known as Dr. Lori Loupe before getting married.

Dr. Lori Products

Dr. Lori offers a range of products for antique enthusiasts, including books, online courses, and antique appraisal kits. Her books include “You’re Sitting On Antiques,” “Antiques Handbook,” and “Antique Appraisal Kit,” which provide valuable insights into the antique world and how to identify and appraise various collectibles. Her online courses cover a range of topics, including antique furniture, fine art, pottery, and glassware. The antique appraisal kits include a gem tester, magnifying glass, and other tools to help you accurately assess your antiques.

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Dr. Lori Reviews

Dr. Lori has received numerous positive reviews for her expertise, professionalism, and entertaining personality. Her clients praise her for her ability to accurately identify and appraise their antiques and for her willingness to share her knowledge and insights. Her media appearances on shows such as “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” and “The History Channel’s ‘American Pickers’” have also garnered her significant attention and acclaim.

Dr. Lori Verderame Net Worth

Dr. Lori Verderame’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Her business as an antiques appraiser, author, and media personality has gained her significant wealth over the years.

How Much Does Dr. Lori Charge for Appraisal?

Dr. Lori charges between $25 and $75 per item for her appraisal services. The cost depends on the type of item and the complexity of the appraisal. To receive an appraisal, you can either attend one of her events or submit photos of your item online.

Dr. Lori Antiques and Collectibles

Dr. Lori specializes in appraising a wide variety of antiques and collectibles, including furniture, fine art, pottery, glass, jewelry, and vintage items. She has extensive knowledge and experience in assessing the value of antique items and providing accurate appraisals for her clients.

What Does Dr. Lori Have a PHD in?

Dr. Lori has a Ph.D. in art history from Penn State University. Her expertise in the field of art history and her passion for antiques make her an ideal candidate for appraising valuable collectibles.

Dr. Lori Verderame Husband

Dr. Lori Verderame is married to a man named Alex. Her husband often accompanies her to her appraisal events and provides valuable assistance in managing and organizing her business.

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Dr. Lori Gem Tester

Dr. Lori uses a gem tester to assess the authenticity of various gemstones, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. The gem tester helps to identify if a gemstone is real or fake and to determine its value accurately.

In conclusion, Dr. Lori Verderame is a leading expert in the field of antiques and collectibles. Her extensive knowledge, experience, and engaging personality have made her a popular speaker, author, and media personality. Whether you have a valuable antique you would like to appraise or are simply interested in learning more about antiques and collectibles, Dr. Lori is an exceptional resource to consult and learn from.