Most Wanted Antiques 2022: Rare and Valuable Collectibles You Need to Know About

As the new year approaches, antique collectors and enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating what kind of collectibles will make it to the most-wanted list in 2022. The antique market is constantly evolving, and every year brings in new trends and demands. In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into the most-wanted antiques 2022 that collectors should look out for, ranging from rare antiques to popular vintage items. Let’s get started!

What Are the Most Wanted Antiques 2022?

  1. Missing Antiques Worth Millions

Rare and valuable collectibles such as art, jewelry, and antique furniture and ceramics are always on the most-wanted lists. But what about the missing ones? Every year, news breaks of robberies and thefts from museums, art galleries, and private collections. While some of these items are eventually recovered, many of them remain missing, and some of them can be worth millions of dollars.

One example is the infamous painting “The Concert” by Johannes Vermeer, which was stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990 and has never been found. The painting is estimated to be worth up to $250 million, making it one of the most valuable and sought-after national treasures in history.

  1. Rare Most Valuable Antiques to Look For

Some of the rarest and most valuable antiques are often overlooked by collectors and enthusiasts. These items are not only expensive but have a unique history and are considered one-of-a-kind pieces. Here are some rare antiques to look for:

  • Vintage wristwatches: Timepieces made by brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega are highly sought-after by collectors and often fetch millions at auctions.

  • Antique typewriters: Vintage typewriters made by famous brands like Olivetti and Underwood are sought after as unique decorative items and collectibles.

  • Fine art by lesser-known artists: Paintings and sculptures by lesser-known artists who enjoyed a brief period of popularity in the art world can sometimes be acquired for a fraction of the cost of works by famous artists and can still hold significant value.

  • Antiques Wanted for Cash Near Me

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Selling antiques may not be the primary reason why collectors collect, but it can certainly be a lucrative incentive. The demand for antiques can vary depending on the location, time, and collector’s preferences. If you’re looking to sell your antiques, it could be beneficial to research what local buyers are looking for.

Some of the most valuable antiques that are wanted for cash near you include:

  • Fine antique jewelry: Precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies set in gold or platinum are always in demand, and they are often sought after by buyers who appreciate their elegance and rarity.

  • Rare coins and banknotes: Rare coins and banknotes can be sold for large sums of money, especially if they have a historical significance or rarity.

  • What Is the Most Valuable Collectible in 2022?

The most expensive collectibles in 2022 will likely remain the same as in previous years. Top items include:

  • Rare stamps: Rare and unique postage stamps from around the world continue to be a valuable and popular collecting category.

  • Rare books: First editions and rare books signed by acclaimed authors can fetch enormous prices at auctions.

  • Antique furniture: High-quality furniture from renowned manufacturers such as Thomas Chippendale, George Hepplewhite, and Robert Adam remain attractive purchases, particularly for those who value history and unique design.

  • What Antiques Are Selling in 2022?

The antiques that will sell best in 2022 will be the ones that appeal to collectors’ current interests and tastes. Here are a few of the antiques that are expected to sell well in 2022:

  • Asian Art: The love for Asian art continues to grow, and it’s expected that Chinese porcelain, jade, and bronze pieces will continue to do well.

  • Mid-century modern design: Mid-century modern design styles, from the 1950s to 1970s, have become increasingly popular and sought-after in recent years, and items from this period are expected to sell well in 2022.

  • Industrial pieces: It’s becoming more popular to incorporate industrial pieces into modern homes and designs, which will continue to encourage demand for vintage industrial pieces such as lamps, tables, and chairs.

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What are the Most Wanted Antiques 2023?

It’s still a bit early to predict what will be the most-wanted antiques in 2023, but there are a few trends that are likely to continue.

  • Classic cars: Classic cars have always been popular collectors’ items, but some models are becoming rarer and more expensive than ever before, with some fetching over $100 million at auctions.

  • Antique silverware: Antique silver pieces, such as tea sets, ornate trays, and flatware, have been gaining popularity among collectors in recent years, and it’s likely that they’ll continue to be in demand throughout 2023.

How to Spot Valuable Antiques

Before buying any antique, it’s important to be able to recognize whether or not it holds value. Some steps to take before purchasing include:

  • Conducting research: Understand the era, craftsmen, and materials used in the creation of the item.

  • Examining the item for quality: Look for signs of wear or damage that could affect value.

  • Consulting with experts: When in doubt, consult with reputable antique dealers or appraisers for their opinions.


Antique collectors and enthusiasts always have their eyes open for the most wanted antiques of any given year. For 2022, collectors should look for rare and valuable items, pay attention to local buyer preferences, and keep up with current trends. While some antiques are perennially in-demand, others trend in and out of popularity. As long as collectors keep an open mind and are willing to do the research, there will always be valuable and intriguing antiques to acquire.

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