RJ Keighery: A Guide to Top Antique Auctions in Ireland

RJ Keighery is a well-known auctioneer and dealer of antiques in Ireland. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, his love for antique items is undying. For those looking to invest in antiques in Ireland, Keighery’s series of auctions are excellent options to consider. In this blog post, we will delve deep into RJ Keighery’s antique auctions in Ireland and explore everything you need to know to participate in Keighery’s upcoming auctions.

Antique Auctions in Ireland

There is a rich history when it comes to the love of antiques in Ireland. Many traditional households in Ireland still have antique items passed down through generations. Even so, the experience of shopping at traditional auction houses has changed, with increasing numbers of people now turning to online antique auctions in Ireland. RJ Keighery’s auctions bring together antiques from all over the world, and the auctions are renowned for being the best antique auctions in Ireland.

Best Antique Shops in Ireland

Ireland is home to many excellent antique shops, where you can find unique and incredibly rare antique items. The antique shops below are just some of the top places to visit in Ireland, with each of them offering an extensive range of antique items for sale:

  • The Antique Shop, Dublin
  • Aidan Foley Antiques, Cork
  • Our Shop, Wexford
  • Moss Cottage, Fermanagh
  • Balring Antique & Fine Art, Kilkenny

Upcoming Antique Auctions Ireland

RJ Keighery’s antique auctions are famous in Ireland and have earned a reputation for being the best antique auctions in Ireland. Following are the upcoming antique auctions for the year 2022:

  • Country House Collections and Selected Interiors Auction – 5th February
  • The Elan Collection – 6th February
  • Fine Art & Antiques Auction – 17th-18th March
  • Country House Collections and Selected Interiors Auction – 11th June
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Antique Auctions Cork

Cork is a great place to find antique auctions in Ireland. Below we have compiled a list of the top antique auctioneers in Cork:

  • Hegarty Antiques
  • O’Reillys Auction Rooms
  • Dolan’s Art & Antiques

Antiques Wexford

Wexford is famous for its unique and high-quality antique items. Owen Medland Antiques is one of the most popular places in Wexford to purchase antique items. This antique shop offers an extensive collection of antique furniture, mirrors, paintings, and more.

House Clearance Auctions Ireland

If you’re looking to buy or sell antique items in Ireland, RJ Keighery’s house clearance auctions are the best starting point. These auctions usually have a wide range of items, including art collections, antique furniture, silverware, and rare jewelry.

Tips for Participating in Upcoming Antique Auctions

Participating in antique auctions for the first time can be a daunting experience. Here are some useful tips that can help you navigate your way through the auction processes:

  • Read the auction catalog: Before making a bid, ensure you thoroughly read the auction catalog. This will give you a clear idea of the items that are up for auction, their specifications, and their current market value.
  • Learn auction terminology: Understanding the different terms used in auctions can help you bid more effectively.
  • Set a budget: Always set a budget before you start bidding, and stick to it.
  • View the items in person: If possible, attend the preview days and see the items online to have a better understanding of their condition.


RJ Keighery is one of the most reputed antique dealers and auctioneers in Ireland. His antique auctions are a treasure trove of unique and rare items, attracting antique collectors from all over the world. We hope this guide has given you a better idea of upcoming antique auctions in Ireland, tips for participating in auctions, and some of the best antique shops to explore. With this knowledge, you can start building your own collection of rare and unique antique finds.

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