Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold: How to Give Your Items a Timeless Look

If you’re into DIY or crafting, you might have come across the Amaco Rub ‘n Buff product line. But did you know that there’s a shade of Rub ‘n Buff that can help you achieve an antique gold finish? Whether you want to add a vintage touch to a piece of furniture or highlight the intricate details of a metal item, Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Here’s everything you need to know about using and buying this product.

What is Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold?

Rub ‘n Buff is a type of wax-based metallic finish that comes in a small tube or jar. It’s made by Amaco, a company that specializes in art and craft materials. Rub ‘n Buff is meant to be applied on various surfaces, including wood, plaster, metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, and paper. When you rub the product with your fingers or a cloth, it creates a lustrous and durable metallic coating.

Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold is a specific shade of gold that resembles the warm and mellow tone of antique gold. It’s not too shiny or brassy, but rather has a subtle sheen that looks elegant and timeless. Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold works well on intricate surfaces as well as flat ones, and it can be used alone or in combination with other metallic finishes.

How to Use Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold

Using Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold is easy and requires minimal preparation. Here are the steps:

  1. Clean and dry the surface you want to apply Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold on. If the surface is oily or dirty, the product might not adhere properly.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold on your fingers or a soft cloth. Note that a little goes a long way, so start with a small amount and add more as needed.
  3. Rub the product onto the surface with a circular or back-and-forth motion. You can apply as much or as little as you’d like, depending on the desired effect.
  4. Buff the surface with a clean cloth or a buffing tool, like a horsehair brush. This will help smooth out any streaks or excess product and enhance the shine.
  5. Let the product dry for at least 24 hours before handling the item. Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold needs time to set and harden, so avoid touching or moving the item until it’s fully dry.
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Note that Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold is not a paint or a spray, so it won’t cover up imperfections or change the color of the underlying surface. It’s meant to be used as a decorative element that enhances the existing features of the item.

Is Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold Permanent on Metal?

One of the common questions about Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold is whether it’s a permanent finish on metal. The short answer is yes and no. While Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold can last for a long time on metal surfaces, there are factors that can affect its durability.

For example, if the metal surface is exposed to frequent rubbing, scratching, or moisture, the Rub ‘n Buff coating might start to wear off over time. Similarly, if the underlying metal is prone to rust or corrosion, the Rub ‘n Buff layer might not adhere well or might crack.

That being said, there are ways to make Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold more permanent on metal. One way is to prime the metal surface with a metal primer before applying the Rub ‘n Buff. This will create a barrier between the metal and the wax and help the Rub ‘n Buff adhere better. Another way is to seal the Rub ‘n Buff layer with a clear coat of varnish or lacquer. This will protect the wax from external elements and make it more resistant to wear and tear.

Which Rub ‘n Buff Gold is Best?

The Rub ‘n Buff product line offers several shades of gold, including Antique Gold, European Gold, and Gold Leaf. While all these shades are metallic and shiny, they have different nuances and finishes. However, when it comes to choosing the best Rub ‘n Buff gold for your project, it all depends on the look you’re going for and the type of surface you’re working with.

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Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold is a warm and muted gold that works well with vintage or rustic décor. It’s a great choice for highlighting small details, such as hardware, frames, or candlesticks. Rub ‘n Buff European Gold, on the other hand, has a bright and glossy finish that’s closer to real gold. It’s ideal for contemporary and glam projects, such as modern furniture or home accents. Rub ‘n Buff Gold Leaf is a lighter and more delicate gold that’s reminiscent of the precious metal. It’s perfect for delicate or intricate items, such as jewelry or figurines.

Where to Buy Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold

Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold can be found in various craft stores and online retailers. Some of the popular stores that carry Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold include:

  • Home Depot
  • Michaels
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Walmart
  • Lowe’s

When buying Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold, make sure to check the expiry date and the condition of the packaging. Rub ‘n Buff can dry out over time or if it’s exposed to air, so it’s important to store it properly and use it within a reasonable timeframe.


Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold is a fun and versatile product that can give your items a touch of vintage elegance. Whether you’re repurposing a flea market find or updating your home décor, Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold can help you achieve a unique and charming look. By following the simple instructions and tips we’ve provided, you can create a durable and beautiful metallic finish that will last for years to come.

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