The Fascinating World of Mark Hill Antiques Roadshow

If you are a fan of antiques and collectibles, you’ve probably heard of Mark Hill, one of the leading experts in the field. You may have seen him on Antiques Roadshow or read one of his many books on the subject. But who is Mark Hill, and how did he become such an authority in the world of antiques? Let’s dive into the story of the man behind the name and explore his journey, personal life, net worth, and contribution to the industry.

Who Is Mark Hill?

Mark Hill was born in Sheffield, England, in 1971. He started his career as a hairdresser and stylist before discovering his passion for antiques and collectibles. In the early ’90s, he began dealing in glass and ceramics and quickly gained a reputation as an expert in his field. He has since become one of the UK’s leading dealers and auctioneers, specializing in mid-century modern design and also ancient glass. He is known for his enthusiasm, energy, and expertise both in person and on-screen.

How Old Is Mark Hill?

Mark Hill was born in 1971, making him 50 years old as of 2021.

Mark Hill’s Personal Life

Mark Hill is married to Irita Marriott, a fellow expert on Antiques Roadshow UK. The two met while working together at Bonhams Auction House and have been married since 2003. They have two children together and currently reside in Herefordshire, UK.

Mark Hill’s Net Worth

Mark Hill’s net worth is estimated to be around £3 million ($4.1 million) as of 2021. His income primarily comes from his work as an antiques dealer, author, and TV host.

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Mark Hill Antiques Roadshow

Mark Hill’s involvement with Antiques Roadshow began in 2007 when he joined the team of appraisers. He quickly became a fan favorite for his enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of all things antique. His areas of expertise include glass, ceramics, and mid-century modern design. He has also hosted several spin-off series, including Antiques Road Trip and Cracking Antiques.

Mark Hill Glass

Mark Hill is perhaps best known for his expertise in glass, particularly mid-century modern design. He is the author of several books on the subject, including “Hi Sklo Lo Sklo: Post-War Czech Glass Design from Masterpiece to Mass-Produced” and “Michael Harris: Mdina Glass and Isle of Wight Studio Glass.” His knowledge of glass has made him a sought-after expert on the subject and has helped him to build an impressive collection of his own.

Michael Baggott

Michael Baggott is another well-known antiques expert who has worked closely with Mark Hill. The two have appeared together on Antiques Roadshow and have co-authored several books, including “Miller’s Mid-Century Modern” and “Miller’s Antiques Handbook & Price Guide”. Michael Baggott is particularly known for his expertise in British pottery and porcelain.

Irita Marriott

Irita Marriott is married to Mark Hill and is also a well-known antiques expert in her own right. She has over 30 years of experience as an appraiser and auctioneer, specializing in British and European pottery and porcelain. She has appeared as a guest expert on Antiques Roadshow since 1991 and has also written several books on the subject.

Mark Smith Antiques Roadshow

Mark Smith is another expert on Antiques Roadshow, but he is not to be confused with Mark Hill. Mark Smith is an expert on silver and metalware and has been a regular appraiser on the show since 2005.

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What Happened to Mark Stacey?

Mark Stacey is another former appraiser on Antiques Roadshow UK. He left the show in 2016 after 10 years, citing reasons of wanting to focus on his auctioneering business. He has since made appearances on other TV shows, including Bargain Hunt and Flog It!

Mark Hill Blog

Mark Hill runs an active and engaging blog on his website, which covers a wide range of topics related to antiques and collectibles. His blog includes news and events, interesting items from auctions and dealers, and educational articles on various subjects. It’s a great place to get insights into the world of antiques and to stay up to date with Mark Hill’s work and activities.

Why Was Antiques Roadshow Cancelled?

To the best of our knowledge, Antiques Roadshow has not been cancelled. It continues to air regularly in the UK and in other countries around the world. It’s possible that there was a temporary halt of production due to the pandemic, but as of now, the show appears to be ongoing.


Mark Hill has built a remarkable career in the world of antiques and collectibles and is widely regarded as an authority in his field. His expertise in glass and mid-century modern design has made him a sought-after expert and a household name through his work on Antiques Roadshow. Through his books, blog, and TV appearances, he has shared his knowledge and passion for antiques with the world. We hope this post has given you an insight into the man behind the name and helped you to appreciate his contribution to the industry.

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