The Ultimate Guide to Art for Kids Hub: An Educational, Entertaining and Fun Way to Teach Kids Art

Are you looking for an engaging, educational, and fun way to teach your kids about the world of art? Look no further than Art for Kids Hub! With its colorful and entertaining videos, this online platform has become extremely popular among parents and children alike.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Art for Kids Hub, including its history, its creators, its content, and much more. We will also share tips and insights on how to get the most out of this amazing platform.

What is Art for Kids Hub?

Art for Kids Hub is an online platform that offers thousands of art tutorials for kids of all ages. Created by Rob and his family, this platform has become a phenomenon, with millions of subscribers around the world.

With Art for Kids Hub, children can learn how to draw their favorite characters, animals, and food items. If your child is a fan of cute animals, they will love the animal tutorials that include everything from pandas to unicorns.

Who is the Art Hub Family?

The Art Hub family is made up of Rob, his wife, and their four kids. Together, they create the tutorials for Art for Kids Hub. The family started making art videos at home for their own children, but when they saw how much their kids loved them, they decided to share them with the world.

Since then, the Art Hub family has become a household name, and their engaging videos have helped millions of children around the world to develop their artistic skills.

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Art for Kids Hub Food

In addition to animals and characters, Art for Kids Hub also offers food tutorials. From pizza to ice cream, these tutorials teach children how to draw their favorite food items, one step at a time.

These tutorials not only teach children how to draw, but they also help them develop an appreciation for different types of food. By encouraging children to draw their favorite meals, Art for Kids Hub can help kids learn about and appreciate different cultures and cuisines.

How Many Kids are in the Art for Kids Hub family?

The Art Hub family has four kids, and they are all involved in creating the tutorials for Art for Kids Hub. Although their parents lead the tutorials, the kids often provide their input and help with the drawing.

The family’s youngest member, Hads, is particularly active in the tutorials and has become a fan favorite among children around the world.

Who is the Guy on Art Hub for Kids?

Rob is the guy behind Art for Kids Hub. He is a father of four and a former elementary school art teacher. Rob has always been passionate about art, and he enjoys sharing his skills and knowledge with others.

Rob’s background in teaching art makes him uniquely qualified to create engaging and educational tutorials for children. His videos are easy to follow and provide step-by-step instructions that even young children can understand.

Art for Kids Hub Folding Surprise

One of the unique features of Art for Kids Hub is the “folding surprise” tutorials. These tutorials teach children how to draw a picture that, when folded, turns into a surprise.

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For example, one tutorial teaches kids how to draw an elephant that, when folded, turns into a heart. These tutorials not only teach children how to draw, but they also teach them about spatial skills and how to create 3D objects.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Art for Kids Hub

  • Create a designated art space: Set up a dedicated art space for your child where they can work on their drawings without any distractions.

  • Watch the tutorials together: Watching the tutorials together can be a fun and engaging way to bond with your child while learning something new.

  • Encourage your child to experiment: Encourage your child to experiment with the different drawing techniques and styles that they learn from Art for Kids Hub.

  • Let your child take the lead: Let your child choose the tutorials they want to follow and allow them to express their creativity in their own way.


Art for Kids Hub provides an educational, entertaining, and fun way for kids to learn about the world of art. With thousands of tutorials to choose from, children can learn how to draw their favorite characters, animals, and food items.

Not only does Art for Kids Hub teach children how to draw, but it also helps them develop skills such as problem-solving, spatial awareness, and creativity. By providing a dedicated art space and watching the tutorials together, parents can encourage their kids to explore the world of art in a fun and engaging way.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Art for Kids Hub today and start learning!

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