The Ultimate Guide to Easels: Everything You Need to Know

If you are an artist, a student, or someone who loves to draw, you might have heard about easels. Easels are an essential tool for artists and art enthusiasts, as they provide the perfect support for painting, drawing, and sketching. But what exactly is an easel, and what are they used for? We’ve got you covered in this ultimate guide to easels.

What is an Easel?

An easel is a stand or frame used to support paintings, drawings, or other works of art. It is designed to hold the canvas or paper in place and provide a stable surface for artists to work on. Easels come in different shapes and sizes, and they are made from various materials such as wood, metal, and plastic.

What are Easels Used for?

Easels are primarily used to hold canvases and paintings, but they also serve other purposes. Here are some common uses for easels:

  • Painting and Drawing: Easels provide the perfect support for artists to paint or draw comfortably. They offer adjustable angles and heights that allow artists to work from different positions. This feature is especially useful for larger artworks that require extended periods of standing and painting.

  • Display: Easels can be used to display paintings, photos, and other artworks. They come in different styles, from simple tabletop models to elaborate floor models that can be used at exhibitions and galleries.

  • Teaching: Easels are essential tools for art teachers and instructors. They provide a stable surface for demonstrations and allow students to view the artwork from a distance.

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Are Easels Good for Drawing?

Yes, easels are excellent tools for drawing. They offer a stable and comfortable surface that allows artists to work for long periods without fatigue. Easels also provide different angles and heights that help artists to draw from different perspectives and angles.

Moreover, using an easel for drawing has additional benefits, such as:

  • Improved Posture: Drawing on an easel allows artists to work in an upright position, reducing the strain on their back and neck.

  • Better Lighting: Easels can be placed near a window or a light source to provide adequate lighting for drawing. This feature is especially useful for artists who work with fine details and need proper illumination.

Types of Easels

There are various types of easels, and each type is best suited for specific artwork and setting. Here are some common types of easels:

  • Tripod Easels: Tripod easels are simple and portable models that come with three legs. They are lightweight and easy to set up, making them perfect for outdoor painting and sketching.

  • H-Frame Easels: H-frame easels are robust models that are ideal for large artworks. They feature a sturdy frame that provides excellent stability and support.

  • A-Frame Easels: A-frame easels are versatile and affordable models that come with two legs. They are best suited for smaller artworks and are perfect for home or studio use.

  • Tabletop Easels: Tabletop easels are small and compact models that can be placed on a table or desk. They are useful for small artworks, and they come in various styles and materials.

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Who Makes the Best Easels?

There are various manufacturers of easels, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the best easel brands based on their quality, durability, and affordability:

  • Winsor & Newton: Winsor & Newton are known for their high-quality art supplies, including easels. Their models are well-made, durable, and perfect for professional artists.

  • Blick Studio: Blick Studio is a famous brand that offers a wide range of art supplies and materials, including easels. Their models are affordable and offer excellent value for money.

  • Jullian Paris: Jullian Paris is a French manufacturer that produces high-quality easels made from wood. Their models are sturdy and well-designed, making them perfect for outdoor painting and sketching.

Easel Stands

Easel stands are an essential accessory for easels. They provide extra stability and support for the artworks, and they also help to adjust the angle and height of the easel. Easel stands come in various styles, including:

  • Tray Stands: Tray stands are simple stands that attach to the easel’s legs. They provide a stable surface for the palette, and they can also be used to hold the artwork.

  • Extension Stands: Extension stands are used to elevate the easel’s height, allowing artists to work on larger artworks comfortably. They can be adjusted to different heights and angles, providing maximum flexibility.

  • Wall-Mounted Stands: Wall-mounted stands are designed to be attached to a wall or a vertical surface. They save space and provide a stable support for the artworks.


Easels are essential tools for artists and art enthusiasts. They provide a stable and comfortable surface for painting, drawing, and display. Furthermore, they come in different types, sizes, and styles, making them suitable for various artworks and settings. Whether you are a professional artist or a beginner, investing in a good quality easel is a wise decision. With the information provided in this guide, you can select the right easel for your needs and take your artwork to the next level.

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