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Following their graduation from high school, Rachel and Finn intend to get married. However, Finn feels that Rachel is only settling for him and that their marriage would hinder her success at NYADA. So instead of getting married, he puts her on a train to New York and does not follow her.

Do Finn and Rachel get married in Glee?

They dance together in Marry You and Just the Way You Are. In the episode Special Education, Rachel finds out Finn slept with Santana during The Power of Madonna.

Does Rachel get pregnant with Finn's baby?

She ended up not being pregnant, but it didn't stop fans from hoping that she'd get back together with Finn one day. After all, they were supposed to be “endgame,” as Finn told Rachel in Season 4 Episode 14, titled “I do” (watch the video below).

Do Rachel and Finn get back together before he dies?

Following their relationship being left in limbo after "Breakup", Finn and Rachel never officially get back together before his passing. However, they do share an intimate night together during "I Do" after performing Bob Seger's "We've Got Tonite". Unfortunately, this would be the last time they are together.

Who does Rachel end up with?

Ross and Rachel end up together at last. Monica and Chandler become parents (and even get one more child than they asked for). Phoebe has already gotten married to her soulmate. Even Joey gets his own modest version of happily ever after.

Does Rachel cheat on Finn?

When she cheated on Finn with Puck, his best friend, after finding out that Finn had slept with Santana when he and Rachel weren't dating. "And she tried to gaslight him with the impossible promise he made not to break up with her.

Who does Quinn marry in Glee?

Quinn dated Sam for a little while in Season Four, but they broke up when Sam realized he was in love with Mercedes. Quinn then sparks a relationship with Brody, who accepts her for who she is. They get engaged in Season Five, and are married in Season Six.

Who does Finn end up with in Adventure time?

Finn & Roselinen

He becomes a local hero after slaying a fluffy dragon and ends up hitting it off with the king's daughter, Roselinen. Finn lives a long, fulfilling life in the pillow kingdom with Roselinen and their two children, but the idea of finding his way back home never leaves his mind.

Do Mike and Tina end up together?

Dating Status:

However, Tina admits she still loves him and that they are friends now. Since then, they have spoke and decided to talk things out between them, to see if they get back together. In the end, they never rekindled their relationship, but rather rebuilt their friendship.

Who does Tina end up with in Glee?

One of the biggest surprises of the season finale was the revelation that Artie and Tina were together. While everyone knew what Artie had been getting up to after he graduated McKinley (since he lived in New York), Tina wasn't seen much - mainly because she was at Brown University.

Does Rachel on Glee have a baby?

At the end of Glee's sixth season, viewers were shown the characters in the year 2020, which ended with Rachel pregnant.

Who is Rachel's baby father?

Emma Geller-Greene is the daughter of Ross Geller and Rachel Greene. Rachel's pregnancy was originally revealed in the season finale of Season 7.

Why was Finn not in the end of season 4?

Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson, does not appear in the season finale. Monteith entered a rehab facility on March 31, 2013, causing him to miss the remainder of the season.

What episode does Rachel get pregnant Glee?

"Glee" Preggers (TV Episode 2009) - IMDb.

Who married Puck?

Puck dated Marley from Season Three, and the two of them got married in Season Four. They currently have two children together.

Why did Quinn leave Glee?

The talented singer and actor had battled substance abuse problems before and had gone to rehab to address his addiction. Show creator Murphy recently told The Hollywood Reporter that performances in the upcoming episode were raw and heartfelt for the late actor.

Does Quinn keep her baby?

Over the course of the first season, her character matures and builds friendships with the other outcasts who make up the glee club. Quinn gives birth to a baby girl, Beth, whom she gives up for adoption.

How did Glee end with Finn?

Finn was going to have become a teacher, settled down happily in Ohio, at peace with his choice and no longer feeling like a Lima loser. The very last line of dialogue was to be this: Rachel comes back to Ohio, fulfilled and yet not, and walks into Finn's glee club. 'What are you doing here?'

Do Blaine and Rachel get together?

Dating Status:

Blaine considers that he may have feelings for Rachel, but later kisses her and realizes he is "100% gay." However, after this short relationship, they have remained good friends throughout the rest of the series, which is mainly influenced by Blaine's husband Kurt, who is Rachel's best friend.

Does Joey get married?

Joey was the only one single at the end of Friends, and he later met a special someone in his spin-off series – but he didn't get married. Joey Tribbiani was the one character in Friends who never had a committed relationship, and even though he was single when the series ended, he eventually found the right partner.

Who does Rachel have a baby with?

This one-night stand resulted in Rachel becoming pregnant with Ross's baby. This was Ross's's second child and Rachel's first. In the Season 8 finale, Rachel gave birth to her and Ross's daughter, Emma. In "The One With The Videotape", it was revealed that the one-night stand had been caught on tape.

Do Phoebe and Joey end up together?

Phoebe ends up with someone else

Joey later tries to get with Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) in season 10. But she doesn't feel the same way about him and she ends up with Ross (David Schwimmer). The show ends with Joey staying single and Phoebe gets married to Mike Hannigan (Paul Rudd).

Do Finn and Rae sleep together?

Though in the series finale, Rae conquers her fears of intimacy and the two have sex for the first time.