Virgin Rainbow Black Opal

The Virgin Rainbow Black Opal was discovered on 11th September 2003 at Twenty Three Mile fields Coober Pedy, South Australia by opal miner John Dunstan and his partner Steve Zagar.
The Virgin Rainbow Belemnite Crystal Black Opal ©
Image © 2004 Piper Films SA
 Measuring an amazing 63.3 mm in length and from 13.3 mm – 14.3 mm in diameter at mid length, the Virgin Rainbow Black Opal weighs 72.65 carats and displays brilliant medium to large rolling flash pattern featuring all spectral colours from orange through to violet.
Offers  There is debate between an Australian Palaeontologist who asserts that the Virgin Rainbow discovery is a ‘historical fossil’ and as such can not be sold or leave Australia under the Historical Artifacts Act or similar legislation.  Consensus amongst leading opal experts is the Virgin Rainbow whilst formed in a cavity once occupied by a deceased Belemnite – a 120 millions year old squid like creature, is a solid opal formed from silica gel and as such is not a ‘fossil’. The South Australian Minister for Mineral Development supports the campaign for the Virgin Rainbow upholds our assertion the palaeontologist’s view is incorrect.  The name Virgin Rainbow Black Opal is copyright protected pending registration of Trade Mark. Please send all or any communication on the Virgin Rainbow Black Opal to the address below.  Text © 2003 Universal M&PR and 1EarthMedia, Virgin Rainbow material
used with kind permission  The Virgin Rainbow Black Opal is being offered for sale through 1Earth Antiques.  For sales and other enquiries contact: PO Box 1227 Port Macquarie NSW Australia 2444  
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